Magnesium Mist. Concentrated Magnesium Spray 4 Oz Amber Glass Bottle. Transdermal Magnesium Supplement

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Magnesium Spray - 4 Oz Glass Amber Mist Bottle

An essential mineral, magnesium is vital for our over all well being and plays a key role in many body processes. Using a magnesium oil spray can be an effective way to supplement, especially for those who may have trouble absorbing magnesium from oral supplements. Spraying on the skin bypasses the digestive system and allows the magnesium to be directly absorbed.
Magnesium is also a natural muscle relaxer and helps with tension and aids in a good nights rest.

Technically not an oil, although it does have a temporary oily feel. Transdermal application offers fast relief for symptoms associated with deficiencies. Start with a light application until you've built up tolerance. Magnesium spray is concentrated and may cause itching or tingling. This is completely normal.

To Use:
Shake Gently to Mix then Spray on bare skin and allow to dry. Avoid areas of sensitive, broken or abraded skin. (The slight tingling sensation will go away)

** a patch test is recommended.

Water & Magnesium Chloride

Choice of:
Lavender Dreams : Magnesium with pure lavender essential oil to help calm and rest.


Original / Unscented

Great Paired with our Magnesium Bath and Foot Soak!

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