Moroccan Exfoliating Mitt. Spray Tan Remover. Scrub Application Mitt.

Shep's Naturals

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Shep's Scrub Glove  - Mitt!

Soften and hydrate Skin with an exfoliating body mitt. 

Use in Warm Shower or bath to remove dead skin from body or face. 

Got a botch or uneven spray tan??

This exfoliating mitt can be used to remove spray tan!

Directions: Wet the glove and squeeze out the excess water. The glove should only be used on wet skin.  Rub the skin vigorously in a vertical direction, until you see flakes of exfoliated skin.
Note: the mitt will shrink a little first time into water.

Note: please use clean, hang dry in a cool ventilated place. Can prolong the service life.

Package Includes: 1 x bath Glove